Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 11:39AM
E Lisette Gerald-Yamasaki in Design, Life, educational, gamification, parks

I was lucky enough to enjoy a few hours in Big Sur State Park recently. The Spring day was sunny and pleasant, I saw uncountable shades of blue in the ocean, and, of course, I visited a Ranger station and asked about Junior Ranger materials. (I know, that’s a federal program, but park employees seem to know I mean “any educational materials” and are kind enough not to correct me.)

Be a Litter-Getter front

The gentleman offered a Litter-Getter booklet.

Delightful! I particularly like the clear and concise statement about the impact of litter:

“Look around…and you’ll see how nature uses and re-uses its materials. But when people litter, nature has more trouble taking care of itself…. .”

The booklet also includes a thoughtful response to the flippant “it’ll decompose” response of litterers. 

Nature's Recycling Schedule

I found myself grinning and engaged.

By the way, can you answer all the “Who am I?” prompts?

Nature's Recyclers at Work on Land and in the Ocean

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