Tasks NOT for Dobby the House-Elf
Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 11:04AM
E Lisette Gerald-Yamasaki in Harry Potter, Life, house-elf

What would you rather do yourself if you had a house-elf (as in from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels)?

Dobby the house-elf

I wouldn’t mind keeping the cleaners on, though I suppose Dobby might be able to do all they do, with magic and very quickly, but somehow it feels better to keep the cleaners coming.

I’m not sure whether I’d have Dobby make all our meals. I think I’d still like to cook something now and then, though I would sic him on picking up the CSA weekly box and coming up with menus to use all the ingredients every week. I liked the brisket I made; I wouldn’t mind making the occasional dish like that.

I think I would still like to do the grocery shopping, though if I’m not cooking I may not want to so much.

I would refill my fountain pens because I like to pick which color to use. I would still do the dogs ears, toes, and teeth.

I wonder if/whether my thoughts would change after having a house-elf for a while?

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